Norfolk Open Studios

09th April 2011
I am taking part in Norfolk Open Studios 2011. This includes participating in the "taster" exhibition at the Forum in Norwich from 12th - 15th April. Do drop into the exhibition if you happen to be in Norwich city centre. The image below is the one I'm exhibiting (20"x16").

The photographers among you may be interested to know that this was shot on 5x4" at Porth Nanven in Cornwall, which is the series of beaches near Land's End where Andrew Nadolski shot his "End of the Land" body of work - Google it! I went there over several days, and it is fascinating to see how the beach changes radically with every tide as rocks are moved around by the power of the sea.

You can find out more about Norfolk Open Studios at, and you can download the brochure with details of all the participating artists (including me!).