Three Rivers Race 2010

07th June 2010

I photographed the Three Rivers Race on 5th June. This is a unique sailing race held annually on the Norfolk Broads. You can read more about it here. It is an amazing test of endurance and skill.

I decided to try to photograph as many of the boats as possible when they started the race at Horning, so that there would be a good chance of most competitors finding photos of themselves and/or their boat in the gallery. I can't have managed to get all of them, but I certainly shot a lot, and I'll be surprised if I missed very many! I suspect that spectators near me wondered why this strange photographer was shooting manically for several hours ... This also explains why there are so many photographs in this gallery!

There are also some photos of a few of the competitors going through Potter Heigham bridge, which is mentioned in the web site linked above. Some of the competitors "shoot" the bridge - which means that they sail up to it and drop their mast at the last moment, still under the momentum from the wind as they go through the bridge, and then immediately put the mast back up again on the other side. It is incredibly impressive to see this done. Other competitors have boats whose mast cannot be lowered so quickly, and they either have to drop it a little earlier and paddle through the bridge, or tie up to the bank while they take the mast down.

I hope you enjoy the images - I certainly enjoyed shooting them, and the atmosphere of this great Norfolk Broads tradition. You can find the gallery HERE.